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Yesterday, 10:52 AM ET
#TBT Fun Fact: On the first day of business, Drake's Cakes sold $3.24 worth of pound cake.
October 29, 10:33 AM ET
It's easy to find your favorite Drake's Cakes close by! http://ow.ly/DvZ73
October 28, 12:32 PM ET
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October 27, 3:00 PM ET
Funny Bones…For some folks, Drake's won't be back until Funny Bones are back. We miss them too and have nothing to gain by keeping loyal fans away from their favorite peanut butter and chocolate indulgence. Work is ongoing and it will continue for several more months. A multi-million dollar investment is being made in new facilities, ovens and bakery equipment to make Funny Bones. We take our commitments to quality, freshness and food safety seriously. We do not have a schedule to share at this time, but Drake's Funny Bones will return and our Facebook fans will be among the first to know when Funny Bones will be returning.
October 28, 8:00 AM ET
Grab and go: Coffee Cakes are the perfect portable breakfast for busy mornings.
October 24, 11:02 AM ET
We love a good road trip, and Drake's Cakes are the perfect snack. What was your first car?
October 23, 12:14 PM ET
There's nothing like a Devil Dog. It's a fact. http://ow.ly/DepsC
October 22, 10:49 AM ET
Did you know Drake's is on Twitter? Follow us @Drakes for even more sweet, delicious goodness. https://twitter.com/Drakes
October 21, 12:00 PM ET
Share a Honey Bun with your honey today. That's true love. http://drakescakes.com/www/docs/104/honey-buns
October 20, 12:00 PM ET
What was your favorite Drake's Cake as a kid? http://www.drakescake.com/www
October 17, 12:38 PM ET
Everyone knows that mini sizes are more fun. Enjoy a mini muffin (or two) today! http://drakescakes.com/www/docs/108/choc-chip-minis
October 16, 10:56 AM ET
Are you a lifelong Drake's fan? Check out our history timeline and up your Drake's IQ. http://www.drakescake.com/www/docs/1/history
October 15, 11:25 AM ET
Have you been to our website lately? Don't miss out on the latest Drake's news and product releases. http://www.drakescake.com/www
October 13, 3:16 PM ET
Thank you again for participating in our Drake's Fruit Pies Twitter party. We had a great time chatting with you!
October 13, 12:40 PM ET
We could sure go for some Zoinks right now... how about you? http://drakescakes.com/www/docs/105/zoinks
October 10, 12:20 PM ET
What's the best time of day for a Donut Delite? http://drakescakes.com/www/docs/131
October 9, 11:44 AM ET
It's about time you joined the @Outdoor Happiness Movement. Don't wait another day to get outside and get happy! http://www.outdoorhappinessmovement.com/
October 8, 10:00 AM ET
Pro tip: Heat a fruit pie in the microwave for a few seconds. You're welcome. http://drakescake.com/www/docs/135/cherry-fruit-pies
October 7, 10:34 AM ET
Sweet tooth? Satisfy your chocolate craving with a Yodel. http://drakescakes.com/www/docs/103/yodels
October 6, 10:00 AM ET
When life gets busy, don't forget to stop and taste the Ring Dings. http://drakescakes.com/www/docs/102/ring-dings
October 3, 11:30 AM ET
Wake up with Coffee Cakes – the perfect way to start the day. http://drakescake.com/www/docs/101/coffee-cakes
October 2, 10:41 AM ET
Fall is in the air and your favorite seasonal snacks are on shelves. Look for them today! http://www.drakescake.com/www/docs/1/history
September 30, 7:00 PM ET
Ring Dings have a way of taking us right back to childhood. Did you eat them as a kid?
October 1, 8:00 PM ET
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October 1, 9:00 AM ET
Be among the first to know about new products, promotions, giveaways and special offers by signing up for the Drake's email newsletter! http://www.drakescake.com/www/docs/8.53/newsletter

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