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Today, 3:40 PM ET
Here's one of our favorite snacks for our favorite time of year.
Today, 12:07 PM ET
On this Patriots' Day, we're remembering those who fought in the American Revolutionary War and made history.
April 17, 12:23 PM ET
Which Drake's Cake do you crave the most?
April 16, 4:28 PM ET
Webster wishes you a happy National High Five Day!
April 16, 1:37 PM ET
The first Drake Baking Company opened in Brooklyn, New York in 1896. #ThrowbackThursday
April 15, 11:23 AM ET
Not sure where to find your favorite Drake's Cakes? Use our product locator! http://drakescakes.com/www/findlocation
April 14, 3:37 PM ET
Tip: Heat a Fruit Pie in the microwave for a few seconds before enjoying. You're welcome.
April 14, 12:28 PM ET
Love everything major league? Get a copy of “The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip” – see details on boxes of our Fruit Pies.
April 13, 12:45 PM ET
Life's little indulgences are even better twin-wrapped!
April 10, 4:21 PM ET
Baseball is back! Who do you root for?
April 10, 1:08 PM ET
Hey, Funny Bones fans! Sunday, April 12, is the 54th anniversary of the introduction of Funny Bones. We know sometimes it seems like they've been away for that long. We plan to have them back in stores this fall. Next April, we will celebrate the 55th anniversary with Funny Bones and a cold glass of milk!
April 9, 12:50 PM ET
Life is short. Get the Devil Dogs.
April 8, 2:31 PM ET
How do you eat Yodels? Everyone has their own way.
April 7, 12:17 PM ET
Go ahead and grab a Coffee Cake. You deserve it.
April 6, 1:16 PM ET
What's that you hear? It's your craving – listen to it.
April 5, 2:48 PM ET
Almost time to say goodbye to the ice and hello to the diamond. Welcome back, baseball.
April 2, 5:34 PM ET
Apple or cherry? You can't go wrong!
April 2, 1:13 PM ET
In 1958, the first Ring Ding was introduced! #ThrowbackThursday
April 1, 10:33 AM ET
We've decided to rethink Ring Dings: Introducing Ding Rings... now inside out!
March 31, 11:51 AM ET
What is your go-to Drake's Cake when you need a pick-me-up?
March 30, 3:12 PM ET
Looking for an afternoon snack? We've got you covered.
March 27, 3:04 PM ET
Are you enjoying the #Sweet16? What has been your go-to Drake's snack?
March 27, 12:50 PM ET
Many Funny Bones fans have not seen our previous posts about when Funny Bones will be returning. Construction is under way and work to return your favorite peanut butter and chocolate indulgence is progressing nicely. We anticipate that Funny Bones will be back in stores fall of 2015. We know it's hard to be without Funny Bones, but rest assured, we're working every day to bring them back to you.
March 26, 1:16 PM ET
In 1888, Newman E. Drake developed his famous pound cake recipe after visiting an English bakery. #ThrowbackThursday
March 25, 1:04 PM ET
New single-serve Yodels make it easy to take a little happiness wherever you go.

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