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Yesterday, 2:53 PM ET
Red Sox vs. Yankees tonight! Give a shout out here to your favorite game day snack from Drake's.
August 3, 12:07 PM ET
Listen to your craving. Find Drake's Cakes near you!
July 31, 11:13 AM ET
If you could have any Drake's Cake right now, which would you pick?
July 30, 12:44 PM ET
By1913, the Drake Brothers Bakery had become a million-dollar company selling pound cake and sponge cake. #ThrowbackThursday
July 29, 3:50 PM ET
Use our product locator to find your favorite Drake's products near you.
July 28, 2:22 PM ET
Fruit Pies are the perfect summertime treat. Just heat and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!
July 27, 11:46 AM ET
Start the day right – wake up with a Coffee Cake.
July 24, 12:13 PM ET
There's not much a Yodel can't fix.
July 23, 12:10 PM ET
On its first day open, Drake Baking Company sales totaled $3.24. #ThrowbackThursday
July 22, 12:27 PM ET
Grab a Coffee Cake for your midafternoon pick-me-up!
July 21, 11:27 AM ET
Check out boxes of Fruit Pies for details on "The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip" book!
July 20, 1:28 PM ET
Don't forget the Drake's Cakes next time you're packing lunches!
July 17, 11:24 AM ET
Which Drake's Cake is your favorite?
July 16, 2:01 PM ET
Newman Drake opened his first bakery in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1896. #ThrowbackThursday
July 15, 4:00 PM ET
Fact: A midweek Devil Dog helps speed hump day along.
July 14, 2:23 PM ET
No Drake's Cakes? No problem. Use our product locator to track down your favorites:
July 13, 12:14 PM ET
Start your week right with a coffee cake.
July 10, 12:15 PM ET
Indulge in a Ring Ding: classic devil's-food cake and vanilla-flavored creme, all covered with rich frosting.
July 9, 12:35 PM ET
In 1916, Drake's began producing Coffee Cakes topped with cinnamon streusel. #ThrowbackThursday
July 8, 2:27 PM ET
Three reasons to love Apple Fruit Pies: Flaky crust, real fruit filling and sweet glaze.
July 7, 12:26 PM ET
Celebrate Chocolate Day the classic Drake's way... with a Yodel!
July 6, 2:34 PM ET
Keep an eye out for boxes of Fruit Pies and details on "The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip" book!
July 3, 12:05 PM ET
We hope you have a safe and happy Independence Day weekend! Celebrate with your favorite Drake's Cake.
July 2, 3:52 PM ET
Look's like we aren't the only ones who love Drake's Coffee Cakes.
July 2, 11:05 AM ET
In 1970, the headquarters for Drake's Bakery was moved from Brooklyn, N.Y., to Wayne, N.J. #ThrowbackThursday

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